Staying Custom…

The new technology for developing web pages has dramatically altered the traditional business of designing for many. We see an explosion of web based companies offering a dizzying array of options for the new and novice to the game of marketing on the web. I can remember when $45 per hour to build in basic languages was a bargain – now, anyone with a pc can build a page in seconds for pennies – how things have changed…and yet, oddly enough, not changed.

In defense of ‘out of the box’…

Even as I use WordPress to create my blog, I can not see any reason to bash those going cookie cutter in lieu of custom built, hand coded works of art. I believe there is a place for out of the box and the market certainly bears this out – (recession be over!) however, when everyones site begins to look the same – than nothing looks unique, it’s a grassland of nameless pages and stock images, one massive database of garbled text and expensive logos screaming to be heard amongst the din of thousand clicking keyboards and bluetooth mice, all clamoring for your attention. The new technology certainly is geared for ubiquity, our handhelds will seamlessly blend all the flash, the java, the linux and we will all marvel at the 4g that vomits up the latest on your company website without so much as a pause, this is the marvel of modern technology; expedience trumping relevance erasing uniqueness. I have decided to remain Custom.

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